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Trade Assist

If you currently own a U.S Spec vehicle which you wish to trade in before you purchase your new vehicle, ask about our trade assist program.

Easy to do

Our trade assist program is super easy to us.

Simply Contact us and let us know what vehicle you have, we will walk you through the steps.

Free program

You will pay NO Commission or fee's for using our trade assist program.

Great Prices

Our trade partners offer some of the most competitive trade pricing available.

Allowing you to maximize your trade valuation and its TAX FREE.

Trade Program benefits

Trade benefits include:

  1. Being able to sell / trade your current US spec vehicle.
  2. Any outstanding financing can be paid directly for you.
  3. Fair trade in prices.
  4. No taxes to be paid.
  5. Very simple process to complete.
  6. Trade prices sent within 2 hours.
  7. Ability to purchase a new US spec vehicle.
  8. No finance to pay off? super quick payment directly to you.

Let us know about your trade